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I decided to move all my microblogging content to my own site, mainly to have a better control over how it's displayed and not depend on an external platforms. You can follow me via RSS like in the olden days.

I migrated from Pathogen to vim-plug, and now I don’t even know why I used Pathogen in the first place. It took me less than 15 minutes to have everything running and it looks so much nicer!


I’m still experimenting with this new way to share my status on my site.

I always posted blog articles on my own site to keep ownership over the content I produced & to be able to display it how I wanted.

However, I never really paid attention to my microblogging on Twitter… until recently! Given all of the changes made to the platform, I decided to store my previous tweets on my site as well. To do this, I’ve migrated everything to Jekyll, but only kept the past few years online for now.

I’m not sure how I’ll be posting from now on, or if this will be the most efficient move in terms of reach. I’ll probably have to do a bunch of cross posting on X & Linkedin, but I like the idea of having everything I’m writing in a git repo so much I’m giving it a try anyways!

INP is no longer experimental and will replace FID in the core web vitals

“Unreal Engine 5.2 - Next-Gen Graphics Tech Demo”…

I started creating short documents to explain my opinions and make discussions move faster at work. So far it’s been mostly helpful, so I wrote an article about it!…

Clear and simple video to catch up with the Silvergate / SVB situation.…

Only just catching up on what’s new with SwiftUI on iOS 16, and this video is just perfect for that:…

RT @Getaround: Big day today… $GETR @NYSE🔔

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Sometimes #SwiftUI feels like magic, sometimes it feels like creating a drop shadow with CSS in 2004.

I’ve just released a quick article about the simple script that has been saving me a lot of time when translating my iOS app, @ShadowBoxingApp.…

I’m often looking for boxing stock photos for @ShadowBoxingApp, and I have to browse through dozens of bad ones to find something that fits… but really, did anyone ever needed a VR guy boxing in the woods stock photo?

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Getting into one of the old sections of my app that I built while learning Swift…

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One of my favorite part of maintaining @ShadowBoxingApp is reading the reviews. Great feeling to see that what I built as a side project is seen so positively !

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I’ve added a few quick book reviews to my list!


👍 “No Rules Rules: Netflix & the Culture of Reinvention” - I’d recommend reading it.

🤷”Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” - Ok, but quite long and repetitive.

The current iOS 16 beta has a bug so bad it would basically render @ShadowBoxingApp unusable.

I’m working to build some kind of fallback, but beyond saying “sorry, everything is broken, can’t fix it” I don’t have many ideas.

I really really hope it’ll be fixed on release.

That’s an interesting spell check result.

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If you’re building an app with a paywall, then you probably want to check out this site.

I’ve used BigQuery & Firebase to build a massive (and colorful) dashboard with insights on how people use my app… now I just need to find a smart thing to do based on it.

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Older updates are available on Github.