I'm a software engineer focused on web development with team leading experience. I enjoy building new things while helping my teammates as much as I can. To me software is just a mean to get things moving, so while I'm always happy to sit down and hack away, I also enjoy writing, photography and travelling.

Professionally I am the Lead Back-end developer at Drivy, a startup creating a peer to peer car rental service following the principles of collaborative consumption. Before that I worked both in France and the US for Tigerlily, Analog Method, Live Technology, Altran and Sagem. I also occasionally freelance for small projects, give classes, talk in meetups, contribute to open source or coach at Rails Girls. Recently I released Liff, a quantified self app to track how was your day.

If you want to meet up in Paris and have a chat, discuss a project, ask me for help or whatever, please don't hesitate to drop me a line but, please know that I don't often sign NDAs. You can reach me via on Twitter, my LinkedIn account or my email "marcg.gauthier-at-gmail-dot-com".