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20 August 2017

Careful, this is a meta article about this blog! Continue at your own risk.

I’ve changed role at Drivy about a year ago, moving from having technical leadership over some areas to actually managing the entire engineering team.

This has been insanely interesting and a great challenge… so more than once I’ve wanted to write articles about management topics. However, because of my lack of experience in this domain, it felt way harder to come up with a compelling article about leadership than about technical topics like sounds in javascript or very specific Ruby details.

I have given a few shots in the past at different topics, for instance project management with “Deadlines & Estimates in Startups” or recruitment with “Why Resumes Are Actually Helpful”, but never on management itself.

In the coming year I’ve decided to push myself to share more about what I’ve been learning. In a lot of cases I’m pretty sure I’ll be stating the obvious to experienced managers… but, just like I’m okay having old articles like “What I Learned While Teaching” that is very much pushing open doors, I’ve decided to be okay with more “naive” articles for a bit.

One of my very early articles from early 2013 was “Developers, Share Your Technical Knowledge”. Reading it back, it needs a lot of improvements, but it lead me into very interesting projects teaching programming to teenagers, entrepreneurs, HEC students, coaching various early stage startups and more… so I’d say that it was worth giving it a try!

If you’ve been following this blog for the technical articles, don’t worry I’ll still be writing those! I’ve still got a lot of topics that I’ve left on the back-burner, and most of them are technical: matrix multiplication algorithms, precedence in Ruby, digging into rel-noopener, dealing with a monolith in production, building high-connectivity/low-data apps… as you can see there’s still a lot to be said!

So all this to say, please bear with me and feel free to share feedback over twitter or in the comments of my future articles! The first one is already up and is about the importance of having a beginner mindset when first switching from a senior engineering role to management.

Thanks :)

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