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Want To Work With Me?

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If you feel like your project is not moving fast enough, if you have trouble getting started, if you're not sure what should be your next move regarding engineering, I can help you by ...

  • Coaching you or your team to create or scale a product. If you are struggling with a particular point in your software production, be it work organization or something more technical, it can slow down your project. I can help you get over some roadblocks and move faster.
  • Audit or help you build your software engineering processes. Once you've built your MVP, it's important to you keep moving fast, deliver on time and don't introduce bugs. A strong engineering culture and simple yet effective processes can go a long way.
  • Helping you recruit developers or find your CTO. I'll be able to give you an external and technical point of view on any candidate you might want to hire.
  • Teaching non technical people about development. As a founder or product owner in a technology focused company, it is very important to have some technical knowledge to work effeciently. To do so, no need to become a full time developer: I can help you to quickly grasp the main concepts so you'll be able to understand what your technical team is doing.
Gilles Bertaux
Cofounder & CEO of Livestorm

As first-time founders, there was a 'before' and an 'after' Marc. He helped us accelerate on different aspects of building a tech product: getting the right process in place not only on the technical side but also from a management standpoint.

Antoine Amiel
Cofounder of LearnAssembly

His training sessions have always been recommended by our community of entrepreneurs. The care Marc puts into the preparation of his classes is a testament to his involvement & discipline.

William Pollet
Technical Cofounder of Plato

Marc has been an excellent technical mentor since the very beginning of Plato. It is thanks to him that our stack is coherent and robust today.

Guillaume Simon
CPO of Stuart

Marc is THE person you need in your team if you want to be sure to build a strong, powerful and user-friendly product. His intransigence is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

Jeremy Berecz
CTO of Plezi

Insight, experience and goodwill are the qualities that makes Marc a major asset when he worked with us on improve our organisation and software development processes. This allowed us to focus on the major challenges of our startup's growth.

Some Projects

Plato (formerly Birdly)

I helped a young team of entrepreneurs with no development background get accepted into Numa (previously "Le Camping") , and then get accepted into YCombinator. As tech advisor I contributed to technical decisions and figuring out how to handle the software side of their company while undergoing multiple pivots.

Drivy (acquired by Getaround)

I've lead the engineering team, scaling it from a few engineers to ~40 people. I also worked on most of the company's technical components such as the search algorithm, the mobile API, the fraud detection algorithms, the pricing structure, the internal workflow tools, the driver/car matching algorithm, the payment infrastructure...


I gave classes and lead workshops for HEC students wanting to create a web startup. As far as I know, it's the first time people were writting JavaScript in this business school.


I was in charge of the code section in the first promotion of WiFilles, a never seen before program to introduce girls to computer sciences. It was a success and WiFilles is gaining more and more traction.


I wrote and presented, in collaboration with OpenClassrooms, two MOOCs about Ruby and Git. They are still online and followed by tens of thousands of students.

Teaching, Talking, Mentoring

Here's a quick overview of the people and organizations I worked with or I'm currently working with on this matter.

Contacting Me

Before contacting me, please understand that my time is limited, so it's possible that I won't be able to accept your project.

I'm localized in Paris, so if you need me in person... that's where I'll be! To contact me, you can send me an email with your project at marcg.gauthier -at- gmail -dot- com. Note that I prefer not to sign NDAs, however, if it's a requirement, I will require a fee to sign it.